Top Signs Your Dishwasher Needs Repairs

Here are the top signs that your dishwasher might need to be repaired. If you are looking to hire a professional dishwasher service technician look no further than Maple Leaf Appliance repair. We are Edmonton’s top rated dishwasher repair service.

  1. Poor Cleaning Performance: If your dishes consistently come out dirty or with residue after a cycle, it could indicate issues with the spray arms, water circulation, or clogged filters.
  2. Unusual Noises: Loud or unusual noises during the wash cycle, such as grinding, rattling, or squealing, might suggest problems with the motor, pump, or other mechanical components.
  3. Leaking Water: Water pooling around the dishwasher or underneath it could be a sign of a faulty door gasket, worn-out seals, or issues with the water inlet valve, drain hose, or pump.
  4. Persistent Odours: Foul smells that linger inside the dishwasher even after cleaning might indicate mold, food debris, or standing water that hasn’t drained properly.
  5. Water Not Draining: If you open the dishwasher after a cycle and find standing water at the bottom, there could be a clog in the drain system or a malfunctioning drain pump.
  6. Door Latch Problems: Difficulty in properly latching or closing the dishwasher door might be due to a faulty door latch mechanism, door seal, or sensor.
  7. Inconsistent Water Temperature: Dishes coming out too cold or too hot could be a sign of issues with the heating element or thermostat.
  8. Longer Cycle Times: If your dishwasher cycles are taking significantly longer than usual, it might indicate problems with water heating, water inlet, or other components.
  9. Error Messages or Lights: Modern dishwashers often display error codes or lights to indicate issues. Refer to your dishwasher’s manual to understand the codes and whether they require professional attention.
  10. Control Panel Malfunctions: Non-responsive buttons, flickering lights, or erratic behavior of the control panel could point to electrical problems.
  11. Rust or Corrosion: If you notice rust or corrosion inside the dishwasher, it could affect your dishes and potentially indicate water leakage.
  12. Excessive Vibrations: Excessive shaking or vibration during operation might be due to an unbalanced load, worn-out parts, or improper installation.

If you notice any of these trouble signs with your dishwasher then it’s a good idea to address the issue promptly. Some minor problems might be fixable with some basic cleaning procedures and can even prevent bigger issues from occurring. We can also handle more complex and electrical issues quickly and at affordable rates. Delaying repairs could lead to more extensive damage and higher repair costs down the line.

Contact our Edmonton dishwasher repair service today and see why we have become Edmonton’s preferred appliance repair company.