washing machine smartphone apps

Washing machines have always been an essential part of every household for centuries. They have been making life easier with their constantly evolving technologies. Manufacturers keep upgrading the features to make things more and more easy and convenient. Remember the times when laundry used to be a major hassle? Well, thanks to the digitally advanced world, we have stepped into the age of smartphones that have brought everything to our fingertips. Not only can we make calls and stay connected to our loved ones over these smartphones, but can operate our home gadgets and electronics with this tool as well.  

Since the invention of the washing machine, new technologies have been developed to improve efficiency and performance. New features that improve the performance of washing machines include internal water heaters, faster spin speeds, anti-vibration technology, and a tub cleaning cycle. It makes laundry a lot easier when these features come together. You can now be able to stay ahead of our laundry-related matters and get a grip on cleanliness with washing machines that are operated via smartphones. 

Smartphone controlled washing machines 

New features in the latest washing machines offer users to control their laundry operations using their cell phones. It spares you the hassle of going to your laundry room, again and again, to start the washer, to stop it, and repeat the same process with the dryer. The latest technologies let washing machines be controlled remotely with an app on your phone or tablet, or via Alexa or Google Assistant. Are you looking forward to your laundry being ready at a certain time? No worries! Use the smartphone app to start the smart washing machine whenever it is convenient for you. 

washing machine smartphone apps

Features in smartphone-controlled washing machines

Weekly laundry takes a lot of your time that could be spent on other more productive things such as self-care. With your smartphone or tablet, you can activate special stain programs. Furthermore, the app provides additional tips to ensure a consistently fresh washing cycle and so much more: 

  • The machine starts, pauses, and stops the cycle with one click from anywhere using the smartphone app. 
  • You can fill in a few details using your smartphone and the machine, based on your information, will determine the best program for your laundry. 
  • The smartphone app offers great insights such as the recommended load, the right amount of water, and energy. 
  • The app also recommends the amount of detergent according to the weight and condition of your laundry. 
  • Minimize the workshop visits because the smartphone app can detect potential issues with your washing machines and suggest solutions. 
  • The app notifies you about the regular maintenance of your washing machine as well.  
  • The app also offers programs such as self-cleaning.  And by storing your most-used settings, the app sets accordingly for the next cycle.  

Furthermore, not to forget the safety features as the machine notifies you when the door is not shut properly, or there is an error in selecting the right settings. These machines with smartphone apps will make a huge impact so go ahead and get one for your household.